Floor Protection: Strike 1, Strike 2, Home Run!

Claims from floor damage during an office move remain one of the most expensive costs for a mover. Until recently, there were only two ways to protect carpet from soil, dirt, rubs, and pulls. The first and most popular method to protect carpet during an office move has always been to cover it with Masonite®. After using it on several moves, though, chunks of the hardboard often break off around the edges causing its path to become a dangerous obstacle course for the movers. If a 4-wheel dolly’s caster rolls into one of the “Masonite potholes” while transporting a heavy, large executive desk or file cabinet, it can tip over and injure the mover or damage a wall. That’s why I refer to using Masonite® as “Strike 1.”

An easier and safer way to protect carpet during an office move is to apply a clear, vinyl carpet mask that has an adhesive on one side that sticks to the carpet to prevent it from sliding. It’s simple and easy to apply and really does protect the carpet during the move. After the move, though, removing it can be a problem. It can leave a white, sticky film behind on the carpet that is difficult to clean and in some cases, impossible to remove causing the carpet to have to be replaced. That’s the reason I refer to using carpet mask as “Strike 2.”

We recently discovered a new product to protect carpet called “Polynite®”. Compared to Masonite, Polynite® lasts up to 10 years, is lighter in weight, waterproof, easier to install, slides less on carpet and, in my opinion, provides the best protection against floor damage. Because of all these benefits, I refer to it as a “Homerun!”

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