Envision an Eagle

A man once found an eagle’s egg,

And put it in the nest of a barnyard hen.

The eagle hatched,

And grew up with the rest of a brood of chicks.

He thought he didn’t look at all the same.

He scratched the ground for worms and bugs,

And he played a chicken’s game.

The eagle clucked and cackled.

He made a chicken sound.

He flapped his wings,

But he only flew some two feet off the ground.

That’s high, as chickens fly,

The eagle had been told.

And one day, when the eagle was quite old,

He saw something magnificent flying very high,

Making great majestic circles up there in the sky.

He’d never seen the likes of it,

“What’s that?” he asked in awe.

As he stared in wonder and amazement

At the grace and beauty that he saw.

“Why, that’s an eagle,” someone said,

“He belongs up there. It’s clear.

“Just as we, since we are chickens,

belong earthbound down here.”

The old eagle just accepted that.

Most everybody does.

And he lived, and died, a chicken.

Because that’s what he thought he was.

By Charles Osgood

When movers try to be just like their competition, they rarely succeed. If their brochures look like their competitors and their only claims to fame are they have the best supervisors and have moved “so and so,” they better be the lowest price.

Instead of following the followers, what if you were to take a chance, be different, and blaze new trails? If you were to drill down and ask your customers, “Besides a competitive price, what else are you concerned about?” Customers might reply they are worried their move won’t finish on time for the price quoted. Fear of damage to their furniture, computers, and office space might be at the top of their list, too. If you could demonstrate that you render a premium service that addressed these needs, you might win their business and be able to charge them a premium price.

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