U.S. General Services Administration, Denver Region, IOMI® Certified

IOMI® Client Profile: Jennifer Sacks, RPA®, U.S. General Services Administration

As an entrepreneur, I am always impressed by others who are driven, self-motivated, and passionate about overcoming business challenges. Several months ago I encountered just such an individual in Jennifer Sacks. Since 2006, Jennifer has worked for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). One of her more recent positions was as Move Program Manager/Customer Service Lead, where she created and managed the first regional move program across the nation. Since the creation of the GSA Regional Move Program, it has successfully grown to overseeing 21 moves in various stages across the five state region, with projects ranging from $100K-$750K.

Without any formal training or uniform standards, Jennifer was charged with soliciting bids from movers, hiring and supervising them, and then auditing their bills for other federal government moves in her territory. It’s clear from her LinkedIn profile that Jennifer has always been motivated to improve her skills and knowledge and that carried over to her role overseeing regional moves. She had found out about our IOMI® Certified Project Manager® online training program and wanted to learn as much as she could so she could excel at her job.

I could tell from my first phone call with Jennifer that she was motivated, really cares about her job, fellow employees and clients. And she was DRIVEN! While working full-time overseeing several federal government relocation projects, she squeezed in the IOMI® training modules during breaks, at night, weekends—whenever she could.

In addition to getting the same training that movers receive, as a project manager Jennifer also received templates for soliciting bids and analyzing them so she can hire the best movers for the job. She also learned to estimate costs based on man-hours rather than “cube and pounds,” and best practice methods for minimizing risk of damage to furniture, computers, lamps, paintings, and the office buildings themselves. The training also included best practices around setting up, staging and supervising move crews and loading trucks to make the moves as efficient as possible.

Jennifer’s LinkedIn profile describes her as a self-motivated project manager with experience managing multiple projects simultaneously, extensive expertise in managing multifaceted moves ranging from single tenant agencies to multiple tenant agencies, and in needs assessment, quality assurance, managing contractors, communicating deadlines and completing projects on time and under budget.

Having witnessed those remarkable attributes, I would have to agree! Congratulations Jennifer for your latest accomplishment: IOMI® Certified Project Manager®!

“You have no idea how excited I am to be able to estimate the cost of moves so much quicker and with a better formula instead of guesstimating…now I can say, ‘I know this is exactly what we will need.’” – Jennifer Sacks, RPA®, U.S. General Services Administration

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