Governor Ronnie Musgrove and IOMI® instructor Ed Katz fly to Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC

At Last…Something Congress Can Agree On!

These days, getting bipartisan political support on most anything is an ambitious goal. So what does it take to move the office furniture and files of all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and their staffs without a hitch? Fast, efficient, cost-effective service that’s safe for employees and equipment alike.

Thomas E. Coyne, Chief Logistics Officer for the House of Representatives, contacted Ed Katz, president of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), to train more than 30 staff from the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer who arrange and execute moves for Congressional representatives. The Office has three primary goals for its moves:

  • minimize the risk of injury to employee movers;
  • minimize the risk of damage to the furniture and electronics;
  • learn best practices to make the moving operation more efficient.

According to Katz, advanced training and special equipment are indispensable to move the voluminous vertical file cabinets, desks, sofas and other furniture in Congressional offices.

  • IOMI’s training included:a much safer way of putting vertical file cabinets on dollies using an IOMI®-designed device to rock file cabinets onto a 4-wheel dolly, instead of lifting it.
  • a faster and easier way to load a moving van and keep the furniture on the dolly on the floor of the truck, eliminating the need to lift and stack furniture. Movers who do not lift and stack heavy items do not tire as quickly or have as many back injuries.
  • a subscription to online videos, in order to offer ongoing training to employees and new hires.

Mastering the IOMI® method leads to faster and more efficient and cost effective moves, which are safer for the employees, as well as potential mover certification.

Congressman, Greg Harper, welcomes Ed Katz to the “Peoples’ House”

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