One of the biggest challenges that property managers and movers face during an office relocation is how to protect reception room and glass building entrance doors, as well as lobby-side elevator entrances. After trying various methods over the years, I came up with a solution that reduces the risk of these ‘entry and exit wounds.

The Mat-A-Door® system is a portable temporary device that does both. The Mat-A-Door® has pads that provide bump-and-bang protection for main entrance and lobby-side elevator jambs and walls. Adjustable straps make it easy to fasten and they complement the cab pads that go inside the elevator.

The pictures below demonstrate how even small dents and scratches can lead to big repairs, and show how the Mat-A-Door® method easily prevents them.

Damaged Reception Room Door

It took 16 Weeks to replace this main entrance glass door

Mat-A-Doors® protect main entrance doors

Could not be repaired; replacement cost $3,700

Small scratches cannot be touched up; must paint the entire frame

Mat-A-Doors® protect the lobby side of elevator entrances

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